Joseph Medical Group - scam


This medical clinic is SCAMMER - Watch out! I have taken my families for more than 16 years, just last few years the office workers started performing SCAMS & over charging customers. Just because many patients are non-English speakers (Koreans, Spanish speakers, middle easterners, elders) they take advantage of them because they don't know how to fight back. SO DISGUSTING!!!

The doctors are great, but you WILL get a major STRESS & sickness following after because of the office workers and the clinic managers. They will pull some scam and forcing you to pay extra money. First, they tell you how much the TOTAL IS. You may be told you'll get discount if you pay cash or you will have to pay full regular amount if you're paying with credit card and/or insurance.

Once I decided to pay in cash 'cause some vaccines were not covered by my insurance. Then I paid with a personal check full amount. 3 months later, we get a call from the clinic stating that they didn't charge full amount and additional $100 is due. About 9 months later, I'm getting constant billing demanding for $100 payment. Went to speak with billing manager (Grace Kim), she said they made some mistakes, but she said .... "this is a common mistake & practice by our billing department", and I was told I still have to pay. The doctors know that I'm a law enforcement, but the office workers and managers don't know that I'm a law enforcement officer.

I Filed complaints with BBB & Consumer Affair!!! I strongly ENCOURAGE anyone and EVERYONE to file complaints with BBB (Better Business Bureau) AND Consumer Affair

I'm a law enforcement officer for the past 24 years. This is not acceptable! If you ever experience something similar like this, I also encourage you to file a small claim lawsuit with Joseph medical group - Dr. Joseph Chun, Grace kim, and everyone in the office management. I personally don't know if Dr. Joseph Chun is aware of this or not, but they REFUSED to allow me to speak with Dr. Chun.

Problem CANNOT and WILL NOT be resolved if you remain silent. I refuse to be victim of their scam and you should too not accept to be a victim!!!

Review about: Vaccine Treatments.

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